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The Bite Ball is a uniquely designed, durable dog toy that encourages active play and satisfies your pet's instinctual need to chew. Crafted with a series of jagged, teeth-like grooves, it's perfect for massaging your pup's gums while they gnaw away. The resilient material stands up to even the most persistent chewers, ensuring long-lasting fun. But it's not just for chewing; The Bite Ball's clever design also allows it to dispense treats, turning it into an interactive puzzle. As your dog rolls and bounces the ball, treats hidden within its crevices are released as a tasty reward, providing both mental stimulation and physical activity. Its vibrant colors make it easy to spot outdoors or indoors, so your pet will have no trouble keeping their eyes on the prize. Whether it's playtime or snack time, The Bite Ball is sure to keep your canine companion engaged and entertained.
Color: Blue