The Chirpy Chick

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"The Chirpy Chick" from Blellow is a delightful and squishy toy that brings a burst of barnyard fun to your dog's playtime. This adorable toy is designed to resemble a baby chicken with a bright yellow body and contrasting red accents on the comb and wattle, making it visually appealing to both pets and their owners. The soft, pliable material is perfect for gentle chewing and is easy on the teeth and gums, making it ideal for dogs of all ages. When squeezed, "The Chirpy Chick" emits a gentle squeak that mimics the sound of a chick, piquing your dog's curiosity and keeping them engaged. It's a charming toy that's perfect for indoor play, encouraging your dog to fetch, chew, and chase, all while providing the companionship of a cute and cuddly farm friend.
Color: Chicken