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Dive into a world of interactive play with Blellow's "The Chew-Loop," the ultimate chew toy that doubles as a dental hygiene tool for your beloved pup. This toy features a captivating circular design with a multitude of textured spikes in a brilliant blue hue, specifically engineered to clean teeth and massage gums while your dog chews. "The Chew-Loop" is made from durable, non-toxic rubber, ensuring it can withstand even the most enthusiastic of chewers. Available in two sizes, big and small, it's perfect for dogs of all breeds and ages. The center hole allows for easy gripping and gives you the option to attach a rope for added play possibilities. Whether your dog is gnawing solo or engaging in a spirited game of fetch, "The Chew-Loop" is designed to promote dental health and provide hours of satisfying play.
Color: Blue