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Unveil a world of scent adventures with Blellow's "The Beehive," an enchanting toy designed to stimulate your dog's olfactory abilities. This sunny yellow hive, adorned with a charming checkered flag, invites your furry friend to sniff out the plush bees tucked away in its cozy chambers. "The Beehive" offers two playful scenarios: a relaxed, "unpacked" exploration or a challenging "busy bee" quest, where your dog can extract each bee, discovering treats and squeaky surprises along the way. This toy not only promotes natural foraging instincts but also provides an excellent source of mental stimulation, keeping your dog engaged and honing their problem-solving skills. Whether it's a day filled with playful buzz or a quiet moment of discovery, "The Beehive" is designed to create an interactive bond between you and your pet, ensuring a hive of activity and learning in every play session.
Color: Honeycomb