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Get ready for some raucous fun with Blellow's "The Squawker," a hilarious and interactive squeaky toy that's sure to become your dog's new favorite. This toy takes the shape of a comical chicken, designed in eye-catching yellow with red accents to grab your pet's attention. "The Squawker" isn't just visually appealing; it also creates a captivating 'scream' when squeezed, providing auditory stimulation and encouraging play. Made from flexible, pet-safe materials, it's perfect for dogs who love to make noise and indulge in some light-hearted mischief. Measuring 40 cm in its larger version and 31 cm in the smaller size, "The Squawker" is suitable for both big and little breeds. Whether your dog is carrying it around the house or engaging in a playful bout of fetch, "The Squawker" is bound to elicit laughter and joy with its whimsical design and entertaining sounds.
Color: Small 17cm
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