The Volleyball

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"The Volleyball," by Blellow, is a dog toy designed to combine the look of a classic volleyball with the functionality of a durable chew toy. It features a white base color accented with patches of blue and yellow, strategically chosen to stand out to a dog's vision. The ball's surface is textured with raised bumps to provide a satisfying chewing experience that also helps clean teeth and stimulate gums. Crafted from tough, non-toxic materials, it's built to withstand the enthusiasm of vigorous play sessions. Whether your dog is spiking it across the backyard or carrying it for a victory lap around the house, "The Volleyball" is sure to keep them entertained with its playful bounce and chewable texture. It's not only a source of fun but also a tool for promoting active play and dental health, making it a valuable addition to your pup's toy collection.
Color: Volleyball